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Trial Successful

Last month we announced we would be trying something new, we changed how we handle new applications and the purpose of Chasm. I’m happy to report this was very successful, we’ve gained a ton of new members in January and after doing an extensive purge of inactive members still grew our overall headcount to 144. So we are sticking with the new process, and will be kicking off another recruiting campaign before Season of the Drifter. In the meantime we are still seeing new people join the clan almost daily, even while not actively recruiting, meaning more people to play with! In order to make sure we retain the best of these players we need the help of our veteran members, which brings us to the next update..

Ask A Vet

On January 11th when we announced the changes to how new applications would be handled we also launched the #askavet channel and said that over the coming weeks we would be looking to return some of our veterans to member status if they aren’t able to help us support and vet our new beginners to make room for others who are able to step up and fill this role. This isn’t a negative reflection on these members, we all have lives outside the game, but we have a limited number of veteran positions and we need those in the role actively showing our beginners the ropes and helping us vet them by playing with them to see who is a good fit for the clan.

Last week we promoted a member to veteran who’s been helping run teaching raids for our beginners and today we are freeing up five more spots in the veteran ranks. Three will be returning to member and two who have been with us since the veteran role was created are going to be joining our elder rank. We will be watching for members going above and beyond to help our beginners and will be looking to fill these vacancies as we find members we think will be a good addition to our veteran ranks.

Other Games

The Anthem demo is this weekend and the Division 2 beta is coming next week, we know we have quite a few members who will be playing these games so we’ve added 2 new opt in roles that you can join (and leave) to make LFG for these games easier to reach interested players. To join (and leave) them works the same as our adult chat as follows:

!rank anthem : adds or removes the anthem tag. You can use @anthem to notify everybody with the tag that you are looking for a group to play.

!rank division :  adds or removes the anthem tag. You can use @division to notify everybody with the tag that you are looking for a group to play.

More Coming Soon

The new year is off to a good start for the clan, we have plans for more new stuff coming up, including our first Gambit Tournament in Season of the Drifter, more details on that will be coming after Bungie shares the specifics of how private matches work for Gambit. In the meantime enjoy the Koolaid!

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