Spire of Stars

Spire of Stars


This guide will cover the final encounter for the Spire of Stars Raid Lair. The encounter previous to this is very similar with a few less steps. If you are at this step you can ignore the poop phase and there will only be one call out from the scout and one ship to destroy. This guide doesn’t cover the opening encounter or chest locations, which you can figure out for yourself, this is a guide on how to beat the boss. The map will serve as a reference to many of the terms used through out the guide so make sure to look to it if you have questions.



  • Tour the room, make sure everyone is aware of key areas such as the teleporter and door plates, ball charge locations, DPS rooms and the call outs for all of these.


  • Create 2 groups of 3 which will be divided between left and right sides of the room.
  • Each group has 2 plates and 1 floater.
  • Teams should use callouts such as L1, L2, Left Float, R1, R2 and Right Float.


  • L and R Floaters will always join Scout and Destroy teams if they have the Superior buff.
  • If 2 or more superiors are on plates the floaters will call out which plate they are covering to allow the plate superior to join scout and destroy teams. The floater covering that plate will take on the role of that plate for the duration of this part of the encounter.


Raid Acts

Welcome Party

  • Destroy ALL pots in Pots Room Left.
  • Start the raid by Tea bagging Calus. 

Poop, Superior Callouts

Val will begin to poop a ball and stink up the room, pass the ball to clear the fart mist de-buff.

  • If assigned a plate, stand on your plate as the Poop Phase begins, one plate will receive the ball, start moving towards back stairs with everyone else. The 2 floaters can head to the stairs immediately upon Val beginning to poop.
  • If you don’t have the ball line up against the wall at the bottom of the stairs and wait for it to be thrown to you. If you have the ball pass it to somebody waiting against the wall, repeat until everybody has been passed the ball to remove their debuff.
  • The last person with the ball throws it at Val (if we miss the boss thrown, one additional ball will drop to try again, don’t try to rebound, just return to plates)

As soon as you receive the ball and remove the fart mist debuff, return to add clear, prepare for callouts.

Superior Call Outs

  • 3 players will randomly receive a buff called Superior Retainer, watch your screens for this. Callout if you receive it beginning with your role. Call outs should sound like “L1 Superior”, “L Float Superior”, “R2 Superior” etc.
  • The Superior Retainer buff allows you to survive using the tractor beam for the upcoming Scout and Destroy Phases.
  • Only 2 out of the 3 Superiors will need to act leaving the third to keep their role.

Deciding Roles

  • Floaters will automatically join the Scout and Destroy Team.
  • When deciding the second player needed for the destroy phase have L1 and R1 become scout / destoyers if possible. They have fewer adds, and leaves L2 and R2 to work on adds and keep circle and triangle doors clear for the door phase.
  • If one side is heavier in Superior Retainer callouts than the other, the lighter side will automatically become a destroyer / scout. You don’t want to take 2 people from the same side.

Example 1 – 2 Players and a Float

Superior is L1, L Float, R2

  • SCOUT – L Float will scout automatically.

  • DESTROY – L Float and R2 will destroy automatically. (R Float will cover the R2 plate)

Example 2 – 2 Floats and a Plate

Superior is L Float, R Float, L2

  • SCOUT – One of the Floaters calls out that they will scout.

  • DESTROY – L Float and R Float will destroy automatically.

Example 3 – All Plates

Superior is R1, R2, L2 (If superior is all plates, the side with only 1 will scout)

  • Scout – L2 Scouts, L Float Covers L2 Plate

  • Destroy – L2 and R1 Destroy (R1 plate covered by R Float)

Example 4 – One Sided

Superior is all one side, L1, L2, L Float

  • SCOUT – L Float Scouts

  • DESTROY – L Float Destroy, L1 Destroy (with R Float covering L1)

Gladiators and Scout

Callouts have been made, prepare to quickly kill gladiators and send the scout up the teleporter.

L1, L2, R1, R2 will have a yellow bar gladiator drop on their plate, kill them quickly with grenades or heavy (Callout when your gladiator is down to keep the room and scout informed of progress).

After last gladiator is down and called out, scout begins making their way to teleporter with countdown from 5.

All players move near your plate, when scout hits 2 seconds, step on your teleporter plate. Scout will take the teleporter through the roof. You can then move off your plate once the scout moves through the roof, but continue to stay near plates for next round.

Doors & Arming the Weapons

Scout will call out 2 out of the three doors – Those 2 doors need to have a charged ball thrown at the charger device behind the doors once they are all open.

Scout will call out 2 out of 3 symbols:

  • Square (Left)
  • Circle (Mid)
  • Triangle (Right)

At this point 2 balls are going to drop on 2 out of the 4 teleporter plates. If you are one of the people on a plate who receives a ball then CONGRATULATIONS you’re now a baller. Your new job is to charge the ball and throw it at one of the doors the scout called out (choose the one closest to you).

Ballers 2/6

  • Call out which plate received the ball and which door you will take (the one closest to you). For example: “R2 ball, taking triangle”
  • Immediately begin taking your ball to one of the charge plates over the doors (2 of the charge plates will randomly be active but wont necessarily correspond to the door plates)
  • Countdown your way to the door plate.

Non-Ballers 3/6

  • Begin clearing adds near your closest door plate, you will also step on plate to open that door.
  • You are in charge of stepping on your door plate when the countdown hits 2.

Returning Scout 1/6

  • Takes middle (clears adds, steps on door)

Special note about Circle (middle) door: If you are throwing a ball at circle (middle) door and the charge plates active are the middle charge and the one opposite to the other call out you take the side charge and not the middle charge. For example: callout is square (left), circle (middle) but the center and right charge plates are active, the person throwing at circle would grab the right charge plate and the person throwing at square would grab the middle charge plate, so that one person doesn’t have to go to the other side to get their charge.

Destroy the Ships

The 2 Superior Players who were decided during call outs now start the destroy phase. Meet at the middle near the stairs (standing on top of the wall you lined up against during the poop phase) and wait for your balls.

Those on plates will return to their plates and 2 more balls will drop on the plates. The platers will call out that they have a ball and throw it to one of the 2 superior players waiting in the middle near the stairs. 

Once both balls have gotten to the superior players in the middle they will head towards the charge plates, calling out which one they will take, at this point all platers will get back on their plates to open the tractor beam. 

The superiors will charge their balls, head up the tractor beam and call out if they are throwing at the left or right ship, throw their ball at their designated ship to destroy it and fall back to the room where they will head back to the stairs and get ready for hot potato.

Hot Potato

Once the ships are destroyed those on plates will wait at their plate until they receive a ball or another plater calls out that they have the ball. Once the first ball drops everybody except the one with the ball will head to the stairs to get ready for hot potato and start killing adds while they wait.

Ball Holders

The one who gets the ball will charge it at the charge plate, then head back to the stairs putting their back to the wall used during the poop phase. They will call out to one of the people on the stairs that they are about to throw in a few seconds so they can get ready and then throw once their greed reaches 9.

The person catching the ball will move off the stairs and put their back to the wall and get ready to throw to somebody else on the stairs once their greed reaches 9. At this point they will move to the side and kill adds till their greed subsides then return to the stairs to get ready to catch another ball (unless they are the designated ball retriever, more below on that).

Stair Dwellers

Those on the stairs will be focused on killing adds and waiting for one of the ball holders to call out they are going to throw to them. Once this happens they will catch the ball and become a ball holder.

Ball Retreiver

One person will be focused on retrieving the remaining balls that will drop (there will be 3 in total). Once they retreive the 2nd ball, they will go to the bottom of the stairs and throw once their greed reaches 9, then return to get the 3rd ball, killing adds while they wait. Once the 3rd ball drops and is charged its going to be almost time for damage. The ball retreiver will call this out and everybody will get ready to throw the balls at Calus’s glowing hand.

Throwing the Balls

Once the ball retreiver calls out that its about time for damage, anybody holding a ball will make sure they have a partner they can throw to in case their greed reaches 9 before its time to throw at Calus. Calus’s dead robot body will raise up off the ground and raise his hand over his head which will start glowing purple. At this point you throw the balls at Calus’s glowing hand and once all 3 balls hit, the damage phase will begin.

Damage Phase

After the balls are thrown at Calus, Val’s shield will drop and you will have a brief window for damage phase. The crit spot on the boss is his backpack so in order to do significant damage you need to spread out so he keeps turning. Val is going to launch rockets constantly which can quickly kill you if you are caught in the open so split up between either the Blue and Orange rooms or the Pots rooms. 

Depending on what classes you have in your group there are several strategies you can use to maximize your deeps. Some of the strategies we have used that have proven effective have included:

  • Pole Dancers (Arc Striders) jumping up on the plate and smacking the shit out of Val with their sticks.
  • Sentinel Titan using the boop gun (Tractor Cannon) with everybody else using void element heavy weapons.
  • Warlocks using Lunafaction Boots or Titans with Rally Barricade to provide instant reload on rockets.

Once his shield goes back up, clear adds and get ready to repeat. You will have a total of 3 damage phases to kill him before you wipe.

Final Stand

Once you get his health all the way down the fight isn’t over, Val will fling 6 orbs across the map which you will need to take down his shield to finish him off (his shield is similar to Calus in the Leviathan only you need the orbs to take it down). Everybody has to throw one of the orbs to get enough damage, one person throwing more than one orb will not work as the amount of damage you get for a second orb is substantially reduced. Once you have thrown your orbs unleash everything you have until his shield is down and you win!