Site Revamp

As you can see we have completely redesigned the website from the ground up to offer a more modern and easy to navigate experience. Part of this change includes the blog you are reading now. All new blog posts will be linked to in the News chat on discord, so don’t worry about having to keep coming back here to check for news.

This redesign has been a major effort, and with that some content on the site such as the raid guides is still being worked on. In the process of moving them over I wanted to make improvements to them and add new guides for the Last Wish and Eater of Worlds which we never got around to doing a guide for before. These are going to take more time to be completed, but we will post here once they are completed.

Hope you all enjoy the new site design!

4 thoughts on “Site Revamp

  1. Noice, the new site actually looks really nice, and I love the idea that we can post and reply, not only that but it is so organized, however figuring out how to make an account and commenting is a little confusing. But other than that it is phenomenal.

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