New Light

With Shadowkeep and New Light about a month and a half away, we are taking stock and getting ready for the changes to come. In this post we will be going over recent changes to how things work on discord, our game plan for cross save, some new trophy tags you and your fireteam can earn and some updates to our store.

Bungie is introducing Cross Save on August 21st, which is right around the corner. With this change players will choose which account will become their Destiny 2 account on all platforms. This means you can only be in ONE CLAN even if you are playing on Console and PC. 

We know there are several members of our clan who are looking to make the jump to PC and we’ve decided that going forward the clan will be for PS4 and PC players. We are aware this could reduce the number of players online in the clan for a specific platform, and while we hope Bungie plans to raise the clan limit to help with this, for our part we will be more aggressive about ensuring that the 100 people in the clan, regardless of platform, are active and play with other members of the clan.

To support PC players you will see some new voice channels added on discord, and Charlemagne will now ask what platform your scheduled activity in #lfg is for when creating an LFG post.

We updated our #rules channel on discord. The images are gone and in it’s place are better organized and more clearly worded rules. They’re all common sense things but it should be easier for new people joining to understand what is expected of them. Speaking of which we have updated the #welcome channel which anybody who’s joined in the last year will be familiar with.

Instead of bots replying with wordy messages our new visitors are now treated to a post similar in structure to what you now see in #rules and once they register with the warmind Charlemagne, they’ll immediately gain access to #general chat so they aren’t waiting around with nobody to talk to until an Admin shows up.

The @beginner, @member and @admin roles are also now linked to your roles in game directly so you will always have the correct access based on your position in the clan in game.

Raid Speed Runs

Yesterday we published the specific requirements for the coveted Speed Demon title, which requires you get within 2 minutes of the world record time for console for any given raid (as found on speedruns.com) and today we are adding 6 new titles for raid groups within the clan to distinguish themselves.

In short any 6 man raid group where all 6 players are members of the clan with the best time for that raid in the clan will hold the title for that raid. These titles can be stolen by other raid groups so only 6 people will ever have @The Last Wish tag for instance at any given time. 

I look forward to seeing which fireteam will be first to earn one of these new titles, because I know it won’t be me! 


We just passed our 2 year anniversary, we have a major expansion coming this fall, and its umm… back to school season? Pick your reason but we’re having a sale, and not only because our hosting is up for renewal soon, but also cuz we got some new merch! In addition to the 4 gambit t-shirts we teased a few months ago going up for sale on the store today, we have another new shirt in our collection and we’ve remastered our original shirt.

Anybody looking to support the clan or if you just wants some cool shirts, hoodies or hats check out our store and if you see something you like simply enter the coupon code NEWLIGHT at check out for 15% off your purchase of anything on the store between now and October 1st when New Light and Shadow Keep launches. 

All proceeds from the store go towards paying for site hosting and prizes for tournaments, which we hope to have a lot more of in Year 3!

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