The Leviathan

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There are two ways into the encounters of the Leviathan Raid. One is through the labyrinth which is the underbelly of the ship and the other is through opening the doors in the Castellum. If you choose to go through the Castellum then you will want to split your raid group into 2 teams of 2 and 4 respectively. The group of two will claim the standards and bring them to the group of four who are defending against the cabal who will reclaim the standards if they can get close enough. The objective is to bring all 3 of the standards and plant them where the defenders are to open the door into that encounter of the raid. The first time you do this during the raid you will be rewarded with a legendary engram, every subsequent time you open the doors to an encounter the chest will contain only 500 glimmer

The room has 4 defensive plates in front of entrances around the room of the Castellum, each with a different symbol, like shown in the picture above. One plate will have a hologram showing a symbol from one of the other 3 plates. A team of 4 players will go to the plate with the hologram and call out what symbol the hologram is to tell the group of 2 adventurers where to go to collect the standard. 

After the adventurers have returned and planted the first standard yellow bar cabals named Standard Liberators will start to appear. The defenders need to kill them before they can reach the plate or the standards already collected will be lost and need to be collected again.

A Loyalty Councilor will also spawn (a Psion inside of a bubble) and while alive will place an invulnerable shield around the Standard Liberators until he is killed. You only need to punch the psion to kill him, but you cannot kill him from a distance with weapon fire as he’s protected by his bubble.

On the plate called out by those defending the plate with the hologram, the 2 players sent there will encounter a yellow bar cabal named the Standard Bearer. Killing him will give them the standard which they need to return to the defensive plate and plant. Once the first standard is planted a new hologram will show up showing where the next standard bearer can be found. All three standards must be planted to open the door to the encounter.

The call outs and their locations are as follows:

  1. Cup – Far left side of the room.
  2. Dog – Middle left side of the room.
  3. Blades – Middle right side of the room.
  4. Sun – Back Center of the room.

Royal Pools

The Royal Pools (or Baths) is probably the easiest encounter in the raid. You start the encounter by having one person on each plate (Axes, Cup, Hound and Spears) which you can find on the map. All 4 must step onto the plate at the same time to begin the encounter and they will all gain Psionic proection (a stack of 50) which reduces while standing in the water, which all the plates are emerged in. Once the psionic protection runs out standing on the plate will kill you but somebody has to always be on each plate in order for the chains to raise and lock in which is what starts the damage phase.

Rotation Phase

So you will have 1 person on each side (right and left) who don’t start on a plate. They will go to the middle and jump through the ball to gain psionic protection then relieve one of the people on their side. That person will then go to the middle, refill their psionic protection by jumping through the ball and then relieve the other plate (you can see the paths from each plate in the rotation paths gallery). This will continue until the chains lock into place at which point everybody will go to the middle. While on the plates bathers (yellow bar cleaver type Cabal) will rise from the hole in front of each plate. You will need to kill them quickly.

Damaging Phase

Once the chains have locked in place everybody will go to the middle and you will see the lanterns exposed. 4 of you will stand on the middle plate (where you renew your psionic protection in the rotating phase) and destroy the lanterns as shown in the damanging phase diagram. The other 2 will focus on killing enemies, there will be bathers and other enemies that need to be dealt with. Fist of Havoc, Stormtrance and Tether are all very useful for handling enemies during this phase. Once all the lanterns are destroyed this encounter is over. If you run out of psionic protection before destroying all the lanterns have everybody return to their plates and repeat the process.

Pleasure Gardens

You will have 2 people grab crystals, and four will grab spore balls. Those with the crystals will stay up top on the rocks, calling out where to go and killing the cabal, while the 4 below will head to the spores being called out, while avoiding the dogs. Once all 4 reach the flower the crystal user for that side will shoot the flower. You will get a stack of 12 for every flower if all 4 people were in range when the crystal user fired, the aim is to get as many stacks as possible before being spotted by the dogs or before they become restless.

Once you are spotted or the dogs become restless everybody will go to their assigned dog (you will decide who is taking which dog before hand) and do damage, you want to avoid killing any of the dogs in the first round as doing so will make them go restless quicker in the next round. Deal as much damage as you can without killing the dog then run back to the room where you got the spores, entering from the opening in the roof. You have about 30 seconds to get back to the safety of the room from when the damage phase begins before the doors closed and anybody caught outside will die.

Ideally if you got enough stacks in the first round you will be able to kill the dogs in the second round, call out when your dog is dead and move to help others with their dogs. Once all the dogs are dead the encounter is completed. Polygon has a much more detailed guide to this encounter which you can read here. 



Most people consider this to be the easiest encounter in the raid, but there is more than one strategy and if you don’t have everybody on the same page it can become needlessly complicated. On this page we will review the strategy that most members of our clan use. You are going to break up into 2 groups of 3. Each group will have one runner and 2 shooters. The runner will be grabbing the orb and running the gauntlet while the shooters will be shooting the lights corresponding to what the runner didn’t call out. One runner will need to stand on the plate and the other will need to kill a psion in a bubble. Once the runner has got through all 4 they will cross the finish line and run to the middle to dunk their orb. This is repeated 3 times until everybody runs in the final race.

Starting the Fight

Once all the platforms have been stepped on the fight will start and ads will come out at each pillar point. Simply kill all the ads, and make sure to call out if you are having trouble with the yellow bar who spawns at your pillar, you don’t want any of these left up once the next phase begins.

Once they are dead you will group up at the pillar your runner is starting at (either Hound or Cup). The runners will grab the orb to enter and the others will stand on the plate. 


You must decide ahead of time a few things. First which of you will stand on the plate and which will punch the psion. Second you need to decide who will shoot top and who will shoot bottom. Once the runner begins they will call out what NOT to shoot. If they call out top then whoever shoots top would shoot middle and bottom would shoot bottom, if they call out bottom then top shoots top and bottom shoots middle, and of course if they call out middle then top shoots top and bottom shoots bottom. 

IF you shot the right ones then they will turn green and the runner can jump through, one of you will then go right to get on the next platform and the other will rush towards the light to kill the psion in a bubble that will appear shortly after the runner jumps through, you simply punch the psion to kill it, then rush to get in position for the next call out and shoot your target. The person killing the psion DOES NOT have to be on the platform, but they need to get close enough to where the next psion will pop up so that after they shoot they can quickly kill the psion. Otherwise other psions will appear and must be spotted and killed to avoid a wipe.


Runners must decide ahead of time which platform they are going to enter from (hound or cup) and they need to both grab the orb at the same time, so once you are in position call out that you are about to grab the orb to make sure the other runner is ready. You will then be teleported inside the gauntlet where as long as one of your shooters is standing on the platform you will see one of the rings lit up red instead of blue. Make sure to have clear call outs, especially when raiding with people who don’t know you that well as the shooters need to know which of the runners they need to listen to. Calling out your PSN followed by Top, Middle or Bottom is a simple way to do this. You don’t need to specify anything more than if its in the top, middle or bottom row, whether its left, right or centre doesn’t matter to the shooters.

After the shooters do their job you will see them turn green and an orb will appear for you to jump through. Make sure to jump through and get the orb, if you miss one you can keep going but if you miss 2 in a row you will die. 

Once you have jumped through four gates you will make it to the finish line. Grab the orb and pass the finish line to be teleported into the main area again, then run into the centre room and slam your psionic charge into one of the nine elevator mouths that doesn’t have an orb in it yet.

The Final Race

When your runners exit on the 3rd time through the gauntlet everybody will converge in the middle room and grab a psionic charge, and you will all be teleported into the gauntlet. This time there will be four orbs at each checkpoint instead of just one, but just like the runner phase you can’t miss 2 in a row without dying. To ensure that everybody gets an orb at least once every other checkpoint, you need to decide who is going to skip when. The simplest way to do this is to have the runners grab one every time, the 2 shooters from one of the groups skip first and the 2 shooters from the other group skip second and rotate.

You will need to call out which orb you are grabbing and pay attention to what others have called out to make sure that 2 people don’t try and take the same orb. Once through the 4th checkpoint  and cross the finish line you will be teleported out and run to the centre to slam the psionic charge. Once at least 3 players have slammed their charges the encounter is over and you win. If players die during this encounter you need to make you grab the person who has been dead the longest to avoid the wipe after 30 seconds.



The boss fight for this raid is broken down into a few phases. Upon starting the fight by shooting the cup out of his hand enemies will spawn, you need to kill them and then all the players will be transported to the dimension. Three of you will need jump through the orbs to return to the throne room while three will stay in dimension. Those in dimension will tell those in the throne room what psions not to kill by the symbols used throughout this raid, which will keep the players in dimension alive long enough to create the stack needed to do damage to calus. Those in dimension will return to the throne room for the damage phase where everybody will attack calus until all the plates are used up, ads will spawn and its rinse and repeat until Calus is dead.

Starting the Fight

You shoot the cup out of Calus’s hand to begin the fight. Ads will spawn and you will kill them all, this is also the best chance to collect ammo. There will be psions that spawn over the 4 plates, DO NOT kill them during this time, while they will drop heavy ammo it will create more ads for the players in the throne room to deal with upon returning from dimension. Once all the ads are dead Calus will clap his hands and teleport everybody to dimension.

Throne Room

The three players returning to throne room must decide ahead of time which orb they will jump through (Left, Right or Middle) and upon being teleported to dimension each of you will run to your orb, hop over the barrier (regular jump, not double jump) and into your orb, which will teleport you back to the throne room.

In the throne room you will have to kill ads while listening to call outs from dimension. Each of the 3 players in dimension will see a different symbol and call them out in a predetermined order, these symbols correspond with the 3 psions that you DO NOT kill. One of the players in the throne room needs to punch the psion that isn’t called out. You will see an aura expanding around the psions, if you don’t kill the psion before this is finished then the players in dimension won’t get a new barrier to stop them from falling to their deaths and it will be a wipe.

The best strategy is to move towards the psions that haven’t been called out yet so you are close to the one that it might be and repeat back the ones you have heard if you are missing any call outs. After you kill the correct psion a new round of call outs will begin, there are four rounds of killing psions before you advance to the next phase of the fight.

Once you have killed the correct psion 4 times in a row you will clear out ads until Calus begins channeling a giant ball of energy over his head. This will slowly damage everybdoy in the throne room. Everybody in the throne room needs to DPS Calus to bring down his shield, but you don’t want to bring his shield all the way down too quickly in order to allow those in dimension more time to kill skulls and increase the stack for the damage phase against Calus. If you have a warlock in the throne room have them drop a healing rift in the middle when you go to take down Calus’s shield to buy you more time, bring the shield down to very little then wait for as long as possible before taking it down completely.

NOTE: It is better to take the shield down too early than to wait too long, if you are too greedy the players in throne room will wipe and you will have to start over.


If you are staying in dimension then you need to crouch and hold back, shortly after those who jumped the barrier to return to the throne room leave Calus’s giant purple head will start sucking in air to pull you forward, but the purple bump will stop you from sliding forward and allow you to stay still. You will need to decide who is going to stay on the left side, right side and in the middle and stick to it. 

Right away you want to focus on Calus’s forehead for a symbol to appear, remember your symbol and then when its your turn call it out quickly. The simplest call out order is for left to call out first, then middle, then right. The call out order is to prevent two people calling out at the same time and confusing those punching the psions in the throne room. If you are the person on the left you will call out right away, and middle and right should follow immediately after, allowing those in the throne room the most time to kill the right psion which will create another purple bump a little ways down to stop your fall when the first one disappears.

The reason you want to look at the forhead immediately and remember your symbol is because you will need to start looking for psions and psion reflections, and won’t want to divert your attention from killing them to read your symbol when its your turn to call out. If you are on the left you will kill the psions and psion reflections on the right and vice versa, this is because they will sometimes hide and you wont have a clear shot on the ones on your side. The regular psions should be your first priority as they have grenades that instantly kill you, but you also need to look out for the psion reflections as they will wipe the entire raid if not killed in time.

When you are sliding from one disappeared bump to the next bump you want to make sure there are no ramps or holes in your path which will launch you or make you fall through and die. While this is less of an issue your first round in dimension it will get progressively more difficult, so keep an eye out for these obstacles.

Once you slide four times and call out symbols four times there will be one last round of psions to kill, you want to take tthem down quickly as Calus’s head will start vomiting skulls at you. For each skull that you kill you will gain a stack of the Force of Will buff, which increases your damage against Calus drastically.

Keep killing for as long as you can. Once those in the throne room take odwn Calus’ shiled, he will stop vomiting and an orb will spawn that can return you to the throne room. Grab the orb and head back.

The Damage Phase

Once everybody has returned from dimension to the throne room, it’s time to do damage to the boss! You will all jump on the same plate (most of our teams start with Sun and work clockwise, but confirm the order ahead of time with your raid group). With everybody on the plate you will DPS Calus in the head until he starts to raise his fist into the air, then you will all jump off the plate and onto the next plate and resume shooting Calus in the head.

Once he reaches two-thirds health, his skin will explode, revealing that he is a robot and create a new critical spot on the chest. Once in this mode instead of raising his fist you will see him aim a laser sight at you signaling its time to get off that plate. At some point he will become immune, and while you will want to get off your plate you want to wait until after he fires before getting on the next plate to allow the most time to do damage.

Once you have used up all your plates if he still has more than a sliver of health left, he will summon a new wave of ads to kill, and you repeat what you have just done. If he is down to nothing he will start channeling the orb and you will need to take down his shield, only this time his shield will be much bigger, give it everything you got, switch weapons instead of reload and once you take down his shield this time you will kill him and the raid is complete!