The Last Wish

Last Wish

The Last Wish is the raid introduced in the Forsaken expansion, taking place in the Dreaming City. The recommended power level is 550 for the first encounter and scales up to 580 by the end of the raid. Below you will find a text guide to each of the encounters as well as Datto’s YouTube videos for how to complete these encounters.

Kalli, the Corrupted

The first encounter introduces you to the symbols that you will see throughout this raid. You are going to break up into 3 groups of 2, each taking one of the 3 symbol locations in the centre of the room (left, right or centre). Each of the 3 symbols shown in the middle will have 2 plates with the same symbol above them, spread around the outer room. The 2 man teams will split up and each take one of the two plates with their symbol (note: each round the symbols in the middle will change so remember to check what symbol is currently showing in your designated corner of the middle before heading to your plates).

Once somebody steps on one of the plates the encounter will begin. You will notice the plate is divided into 3 sections and 2 of them will have taken orbs form above them. You need to stand on the third of the plate that doesn’t have a taken orb, then switch to the new third of the plate when it changes. This will happen about 4 times before you summon your knight. Killing your knight is what triggers your door to open during the damage phase (more on this later).

Shuro Chi, The Corrupted

The second encounter in the Last Wish is a race with a puzzle & jumping puzzle thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. You will begin the encounter when everybody is close to the door, then the objective is to kill all the enemies as quickly as possible, grab the 3 crystals when they appear around Shuro and standing on the plates they appeared on shoot the person holding a crystal to your right. The beams will form a triangle around Shuro and after a moment will break her shield. It’s important to all jump on and shoot at the same time as you take damage while standing on the plates. Once her shield is down you do DPS until one sixth of her health is gone (her health bar is broken up into six chunks) and she becomes immune. Then you run towards the next plate, killing all the enemies along the way (keep an eye out for that ogre) as quickly as possible and repeat the process at the next plate. 

Morgeth, the Spirekeeper

After making it through the Ascendant jumping puzzle you will reach the Morgeth encounter. For this encounter you will want to break up into 2 groups of 3, one group taking the left side and one taking the right. On each side one of the people will be picking up the first 2 orbs that appear, one will be picking up the second 2 orbs and one will have the job of saving those who get stuck in a tornado (more on this in a moment). There will be a taken orb to the left of the centre and grabbing this will begin the encounter. 

The Vault

The Vault takes the symbols you encountered against Kalli to a whole new level, adding more of them into the mix. Once again you will be breaking up into two groups of three. One group will be reading the symbols in the middle and the other group will be defending, with one of the defenders going into the rooms and picking up the item dropped when you kill the captain. 

Riven of a A Thousand Voices

You’ve made it to Riven. You are about to face off against a dragon!