Get Ready for Gambit

Only 9 days left till our first Gambit Prime Tournament begins! Thanks for your patience with the delay in start time, we wanted to make sure all the armor sets were working and give everybody enough notice to the new starting date to get ready. Keep reading below for the specifics on how the tournament will work.


Tournament Rules

  • Every team will compete against every other registered team, competing for best of 3 matches to determine the winner of the round.
  • Every round you win (best of 3) will earn your team a point. The team with the most wins at the end of the tournament will win the tournament.
  • All matches must be streamed on Twitch with a link to the live stream in the #tournament chat on discord. A screenshot of the final score for each match must also be posted in the #tournament chat for it to count.
  • Every registered team must compete against every other registered team between May 4th and May 14th. Teams that haven’t made every effort to compete against all the opponents in the Round Robin tournament will be disqualified.
  • Settings for the Gambit Prime Private Matches will be the default settings.
  • No duplicate exotics are permitted on the same team. This includes both weapons and armour.


The winning team will be given the coveted @koolaid tag on discord which will give you the red username no matter what other roles you hold. This has only been rewarded to two people before, each for winning the previous 2 clan tournaments. This is will be the first time that 4 people will be able to earn the tag at once. 

In addition each member of the winning team will be given their choice of the new Gambit Prime Clan T-Shirts, to be shipped to them free of charge! In addition, everybody who participated in the tournament will be given a limited time 10% off discount code for these new T-Shirts which will go on sale on May 15th.

Alright, alright, alright…

9 days to go! Get ready! Make sure to register your teams here if you haven’t already.

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