Gambit Prime Tournament

Our 3rd Clan Tournament is almost here! We started the tradition of the Clan Tournaments around this time last year, before Destiny 2 had any kind of private matches, by going back to Destiny 1 with the Sparrow Racing Tournament. Then last summer after they added private matches to Destiny 2 we did our first PvP Elimination Bracket tournament. Now we’re doing another first, with the introduction of private matches for Gambit, with our Gambit Prime Tournament.

This will be a round robin tournament where every team will face every other team. Each team you face will be a best out of 3 games to determine the winner. There can be no duplicate exotics used in the load outs of any team and the settings for the private match need to be the default settings for Gambit Prime. A minimum of one person from each match needs to be streaming, and have posted a link to the stream in the #tournament channel on discord. 

Once everybody has faced every other team, the team with the most victories will take home the coveted Koolaid tag, along with some other prizes to be revealed later. In addition, everybody who participates in the tournament will get a discount code for 10% OFF our new Cult Gambit apparel, as seen below, which will go on sale after the tournament ends.

You can register your teams now by clicking here! See you on the Derelict! 

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