Gambit Prime Tournament Begins

Our First ever PvEvP Tournament has officially begun. Over the next 10 days 7 teams will face off against each other in a Round Robin Tournament, the winning team will earn the right to drink the kool-aid, and get their own Clan Gambit T-Shirt to commemorate their victory!

Tournament Rules

  • Every team will compete against every other registered team, competing for best of 3 matches to determine the winner of the round.
  • Every match you win (best of 3 rounds) will earn your team a point. The team with the most wins at the end of the tournament will win the tournament.
  • All matches must be streamed on Twitch with a link to the live stream in the #tournament chat on discord. A screenshot of the final score for each match must also be posted in the #tournament chat for it to count.
  • Every registered team must compete against every other registered team between May 4th and May 14th. Teams that haven’t made every effort to compete against all the opponents in the Round Robin tournament will be disqualified.
  • No duplicate exotics are permitted on the same team. This includes both weapons and armour.
  • No use of tonics.

Tournament Settings

  • Game Type : Gambit Prime
  • Round 1 Map : New Arcadia : Hive
  • Round 2 Map : Deep Six : Scorn
  • Round 3 Map (tie-breaker) : Emerald Coast : Cabal
  • Encounter Variants : Random (Default)
  • Value Targets : HVTs and CUTs enabled (Default)
  • Invasion : Power on, nameplates on (Default)

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