You have questions? We have answers!


On this page you should find answers to all the most common questions related to the clan. If AFTER reading this you still have questions then feel free to ask us on discord


  1. How do I join? Click the Join link at the top of the page, read the requirements then apply to join. Once we have decided upon your application we will email you our decision. 
  2. How do you choose who gets accepted? Our Veterans and Admins vote on all new applications, and if you receive enough positive votes from those groups then you are sent a clan invite and a welcome email that details much of the clan structure presuming there are currently any vacancies. 
  3. Why does it say I'm a beginner? What does that mean? If you are a beginner then it means first that you were accepted into the clan, congratulations! Beginner is a probationary rank all new members start out as. The good news is you will get the same benefits as a full member  in terms of rewards in game. The only game mechanic off limits to beginners is that you can't be a guide in guided games which is to protect our oathkeeper score and reputation.

  4. How do I become a full member? The short answer is by playing with other members of the clan. You get promoted once a member recommends you as a good fit. This cannot be the same member who referred you to join the clan.

  5. Can I just stay a beginner? Nobody stays a beginner. You will naturally get promoted to member if you play with other members of the clan and are found to be a good fit, if you don't make an effort to play with other members or are found not to be a good fit you will end up being removed from the clan. 

  6. What are the other ranks in the clan? We have 5 ranks in the clan in total, and while most people will fall into beginner and member status you can see the full details of the clan ranks here.

  7. How do I join or schedule activities on the events page? Visit us on discord and post in the chat specific to that activity, or vote to join one of the events already scheduled by typing the !lfg command where you can browse all the scheduled events and react to join. To schedule your own event simply type !lfg create in the activity chat you are interested in creating an event for and you will be prompted to create the event.

  8. What timezone are the events? The creator of the event will specify the timezone they are referring to when creating the event. Pay close attention to which timezone it is when joining events as not all members are from the same timezone. 

  9. I scheduled or agreed to join an event but now I can't make it. What do I do? Let us know in the chat. Life happens, just don't leave your fireteam hanging, give them as much notice as you can so they can find a replacement. If you voted to join one of the events using the !lfg command make sure to go back and react to leave the event or type !lfg leave (event number) so that the space is freed up for others.

  10. I'm a clan member with a twitch channel, can I be added to the twitch page? You must be a full member to have your twitch channel advertised on the site. If you are then just provide the link to your channel in the #members chat on discord.

  11. Why does nobody respond when I use the @everyone message? To avoid abuse the @everyone only sends notifications to everybody if used by somebody with the mention role. There are other commands you can use to get the attention of other members such as @member, @veteran and @admin. These will generally get the attention of the people you are looking for without bothering our guests.

  12. How do I upload clips to the discord? The short answer is you don't. You must upload the clip to a video service like youtube and then you simply post the link to the video in the #clips channel and others will be able to view it here on discord.

Frequently Asked Questions