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Rahool serves many purposes in the clan discord, from keeping track of infractions and telling stories about members to letting you know when our members are streaming on twitch, as well as managing a few admin related tasks, he is the least liked of the bots, but has his uses. 

The ExoStranger is our custom chat bot, it greets new members, answers common questions, provides moderator and admin functions and is used to make announcements important to the clan. Most of the commands the ExoStranger responds to are meant for the admins but simply asking common questions will prompt the bot to respond without any command.

Charlemagne, the Warmind, is capable of many things, from scheduling clan events to providing you with stats, leaderboards and important news related to destiny. She has more commands than could possibly be listed, and gains new features regularly. Use the !help commands and follow updates for new features as they are added in our #news channel.