the Cult


We are all strangers brought together by a common interest, shooting aliens and other guardians in the face!

About Us

Founded just prior to the Destiny 2 Beta, by veteran players from the first game. With the launch of Destiny 2 we grew far faster and much larger than we ever thought we would and we have formed our own community of players who have tackled everything Bungie has thrown at us so far. 

Our clan name is a homage to the Exo Stranger from the Destiny vanilla campaign and the Future War Cult faction that she is linked to. Since Bungie announced they wouldn't be returning to the story of the stranger in Destiny 2 we wanted to keep the lore alive in some small way.. that and CULT was a cool clan tag.

We play all activities, with a heavy emphasis on raiding and PvP, we are very active and organized, currently holding the max season rank, we complete all clan rewards each week. If you think you have what it takes to drink the kool-aid then click below...